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Turbo Repair Form


We have streamlined the process for shipping your turbocharger for repairs, making it more convenient than ever.

Prior communication is unnecessary; simply send your turbocharger along with the completed TURBO REPAIR FORM. Once we receive it, our staff will promptly contact you and provide regular updates throughout the repair process. To fill out the repair form, please access it on your computer, print it, and place it in the box alongside your turbocharger.

If you require any assistance, kindly contact us via phone or email.


Shipping address:
Boost Lab, Inc.
8602 Temple Terrace Hwy
Suite D12
Tampa, FL 33637




  • Be sure to include our TURBO REPAIR FORM with your turbo. This allows us to getting it fixed quickly, rather than trying to figure out how to get a hold of you. Expect delays in the process if you do not include the form.
  • Securely pack your turbo in a study box, avoid using Amazon, USPS, or any other cheap single-wall box. The shipping companies don't care if it's a brick, or priceless china. Wrap your turbo in a plastic bag and add packing material to any empty areas within the box to prevent further damage to it. If the turbo moves inside of the box it WILL break through during shipping. Give it a shake after you box it, if you feel the turbo move, it requires more packing material. 
  • Compressor and Turbine wheels do not like packing peanuts, and oils other fluids can dissolve them into a sticky mush.
  • Please do not include oil/coolant lines or other items.
  • Always ship your turbo with a company that offers tracking information and insurance. If possible, avoid using the Postal Service (USPS) for shipping your valuable turbocharger. This will result in delays and possible damage to your turbocharger.
  • Don't forget your TURBO REPAIR FORM!

    You will be contacted within (usually 3-5) Business days of receiving the turbocharger with a quote on the repairs. Repairs are not done prior to your approval. 
Questions & Phone Orders

Questions & Phone Orders

Boost Lab, Inc
8602 Temple Terrace Hwy
Suite D-12
Tampa, FL 33637

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Shop with Confidence

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